1 /stVf/ noun (U)
1 SUBSTANCE informal a kind of substance or material: What's that stuff you're drinking? | The dress was made of silky stuff.
2 THINGS informal a number of different things: How do you think you're going to fit all that stuff into a car?
3 SUBJECT informal the subject of something such as a book, television programme, lesson etc: What kind of stuff do you like to read?
4 ACTIVITIES all the activities that someone does: I've got so much stuff to do this weekend.
5 sb's stuff informal things that belong to someone: I'm leaving in an hour and I still haven't packed my stuff.
6 EQUIPMENT informal the equipment you need for a particular activity: Where's the camping stuff?
7 the stuff of dreams/life/politics exactly the kind of thing that dreams etc consist of: an enchanting place - the very stuff of dreams
8 CHARACTER the qualities of someone's character: the right stuff (=qualities that make you able to deal with difficulties) | be made of sterner stuff (=be more determined): I thought you were made of sterner stuff - don't just give up.
9 do/show your stuff to do what you are good at when everyone wants you to do it: Come on Gina, get on the dance floor and do your stuff!
10 that's the stuff! spoken used to express approval of what someone is doing or saying
11 stuff and nonsense spoken used to say that you think something is stupid or untrue
—see also: bit of stuff bit 1 (19), hot stuff hot 1 (18), kid's stuff kid 1 (4), know your stuff know 1 (13), strut your stuff strut 1 (2) 2 verb (T)
1 PUSH (always + adv/prep) to push something soft into a small space in a careless hurried way: stuff sth into/in/up: She stuffed two more sweaters into her bag. | be stuffed with: a huge picnic basket stuffed with delicacies | stuffed full of: a briefcase stuffed full of papers
2 FILL to fill something tightly with soft material, so that it becomes firm: a pillow stuffed with feathers
3 FOOD to fill a chicken or another type of food, such as a tomato, with a mixture of bread, rice etc
4 DEAD ANIMAL to fill the skin of a dead animal in order to make the animal look real: a stuffed parrot
5 stuff yourself also stuff your face informal to eat so much food that you cannot eat anything else
(+ with): The kids have been stuffing themselves with candy.
6 get stuffed spoken used to tell someone very rudely and angrily that you do not want to talk to them or accept their offer: He only offered me -10 for it, so I told him to get stuffed.
7 you/they can stuff sth spoken used to say very angrily or rudely that you do not want what someone is offering: Yeah? Well you can stuff your damn contract!
8 GAME to defeat an opposing team easily: We stuffed them, 15-12, 15-4, 15-3.

Longman dictionary of contemporary English. 2004.

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